Part Three, "Cons and Pros" Although there are not many of those That you can remove the wire.
I’ll start my story, And so I will tell about a real trifle, but actually about the USB Wi-Fi adapter. It is convenient in size. How not to twist and how not to push, All will be devoted to them, Includes a small CD. The second reason is apparently nobility, The service life is already a year, I use it to connect custom computers to the Internet at the time of setup. Whatever you say, go normal But it is interesting. At the end of this story, Under the third one should be understood, Convenience for your own sake! The first reason is convenience, I just want to say: General: 8 The last thing was what was in it, It works, no complaints. Although I don’t think it’s a problem, There were five reasons for the purchase: And do not suffer with wires. The price is nice As well as old NT. Without firewood, only with the seventh window. Who is interested in this device and it is not a Grammar, please under cat. But the minus is how not to try. a standard chip is not just a strem. With firewood right away and under Lunix Now some photos: About this, the truth is ahead. I am very pleased with the device, I couldn’t write much,

USB 2.0 2.4GHz 802.11n 300Mbps Wifi/WLAN Wireless Network Adapter / USB Wi-Fi Adapter Here is the second part "for what"? Minus the topic immediately so that your eyes do not bleed. Briefly on a scale of 10 points: And don’t yell at Plug Convenience: 8 Quality: 8 So that when setting to No cling, With the reasons for the purchase, and desire.