The best washing machines that cost like a god

The best washing machines that cost like a god

Our grandmas washed in the hole (and they did a bunch of other things, including giving birth to a galloping horse in the field, we don’t want that). And today it is unlikely that you will find somewhere a house in which there is no washing machine. Because you can wash the dishes with your hands and do without a robot vacuum cleaner (although there is no need either), but the machine should wash clothes, bedding, sneakers and everything else. Everyone who was born after the last hoarse motor of the Lybid semi-automatic washing machine died down is absolutely certain of this.



Optimal functionality at a reasonable price

Narrow front-loading machine with a convenient hatch. Inverter motor, Eco Bubble technology (turning detergent into more effective bubbles), steam treatment (for disinfection and stain removal). Silent, reliable – everything you need for happiness.

Best Choice


Almost the same functionality as the previous model, but some indicators are slightly higher, including the price.

Analogue of the first model, but performed by LG. Also an inverter motor, bubbles and steam, as well as error diagnosis through an application in a smartphone. There is a function of reloading laundry after the start of washing.

The same is more expensive