manufacturing plant closure checklist

These shutdowns require great effort and sacrifice from all involved. If the morale of the team is high and there is a sense of camaraderie among the participants, things are more likely to get worked out and completed in an efficient manner. Let’s look at the sequence of events that occurs during a temporary shutdown and some steps your company can take to assure a good outcome. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.

WARN makes certain exceptions to the requirements when layoffs occur due to unforeseeable business circumstances, faltering companies, and natural disasters. Regular federal, state, local, and federally-recognized Indian Tribal government entities that provide public services are not covered. The initial planning, scoping and organization of your maintenance work is the strategic foundation for your entire shutdown project. In this phase, it’s important to review industry case studies manufacturing plant closure checklist and previously-conducted preventative maintenance projects learn how other plants improved their overall equipment effectiveness and reduced their costs. Typically, senior management defines the scope of the project and key performance indicators that will be used to measure performance. Then, they hand plans off to the plant shutdown management team. A qualified workplace coordinator should be identified who will be responsible for COVID-19 assessment and control planning.

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It is also the time to institute a continuous improvement process starting with the current shutdown. With this preliminary game plan in place, they define the human resources that will be required for the project. If cloth face coverings are worn in these facilities, employers should provide readily available clean cloth face coverings for workers to use when the coverings become wet, soiled, or otherwise visibly contaminated. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides resources to assist employers and workers identify COVID-19 exposure risks and help them take appropriate steps to prevent exposure and infection. See the OSHA Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) topic pageexternal iconfor the most current requirements, guidance, and tools. Many factories and plants currently work for extended periods between booked maintenance. It was a standard 50 years earlier for offices to close down yearly or considerably more regularly for planned upkeep.

manufacturing plant closure checklist

Some of the time a sudden occasion occurs during the plant closure measure. Make a move rapidly and appropriately to keep away from a more pressing issue. Consultants at ourSmall Business Assistance Officecan help you understand more about all the factors you’ll need to know about mass layoffs and plant closings.

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Take the time to outline and delineate each step carefully.

Leaders react to planned closure of Kettering Tenneco Plant –

Leaders react to planned closure of Kettering Tenneco Plant.

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Employers with fewer employees are encouraged to comply with the spirit of the law, although they are not bound by it. Even before TSDFs or HWMUs are allowed to operate, they are legally required to produce a written closure and contingency plan to be approved and will be part of the facility’s permit to operate. If they find out secondhand that you’re closing an operation, they may unilaterally decide how they’re going to cope. Like customers, important suppliers should be treated as partners and be told in advance where you’re heading and why. Work with suppliers to ensure that service and product quality are sustained. In some cases such an arrangement might mean keeping an operation open longer than you initially wanted. In others you might learn that you overestimated customers’ needs and can close a facility sooner than you thought.

This is the phase when the team should be able to celebrate a series of small successes as the systems are started up and, we hope, are running smoothly. Actual facility performance is tested and qualified in order to prove that systems are installed, operating, and functioning as designed. Additionally, if environmental monitoring is required, these samples are collected and tested.

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We have a transportation waste service dedicated to that as well. Retention Bonus – Consider offering a retention bonus for key employees. I’ve used this in two organizations in my career and it was effective both times. In both cases, we used an outside consultant do the design and make recommendations for eligibility criteria to help ensure objectivity of which positions are considered “essential” and eligible for the program.

They also decrease costs versus emergency repairs by three to seven times. Following the steps outlined below will help ensure that a plant’s next outage will be successful. Plant shutdowns can also be done as an emergency measure. An emergency shutdown rarely happens, but if it does, it could mean serious disruption in the productivity of the plant.

manufacturing plant closure checklist

When you work with ERC, you can have the peace of mind that you’re ridding your facility of waste in an environmentally responsible way. Encourage flexibility – Some people aren’t going to stay and when you have vacancies, recruiting under the circumstance of a company closure, even for temporary staff, would be difficult at best.

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We embarked on a number of measures to regain the loyalty of customers and employees. We launched major initiatives to improve our processes for everything from collecting and transporting specimens to performing diagnostic tests and billing for them. Equally important, we changed the culture by creating and then religiously adhering to a set of values and goals, which resulted in a radical shift in management and employee behavior. We let them know how they fit in—how they could help the company succeed—and then recognized their accomplishments. And we made the senior leadership visible and accessible. For example, I invited employees to e-mail me personally with any questions or concerns they might have, vowed that either I or a more knowledgeable person would respond within 48 hours, and then kept that promise. Managing a shutdown is similar to managing any other project that a company may undertake.

  • Running a business should be a rewarding endeavor, not a source of constant anxiety.
  • Plant turnaround – or plant shutdown – is both an inescapable reality and a common occurrence in many asset-heavy industries.
  • For example, many facilities have zero equipment operating parameters showing employees how well or poorly key equipment is operating.
  • Checking and regularly changing key parts help you prevent needing to make expensive auto repairs in the future.

Finally, conduct a post-shutdown meeting to review the process and assess the performance of each element you updated during the shutdown. You will also audit your KPIs to gauge the overall success of your project.

Plant Closing Notice: A Letter To Send To Staff

The employer should instruct fellow workers about how to proceed based on the CDC Public Health Recommendations for Community-Related Exposure. If fans such as pedestal fans or hard-mounted fans are used in the facility, take steps to minimize air from fans blowing from one worker directly at another worker. Personal cooling fans should be removed from the workplace to reduce the potential spread of any airborne or aerosolized viruses. If fans are removed, employers should remain aware of, and take steps to prevent, heat hazardsexternal icon.

  • If you decided to offer such a program it will be very important to establish clear criteria early on.
  • Then, in late 2006, the housing market started to collapse.
  • While some degree of manufacturing plant cleaning can occur during operation, a sustained period outage is necessary to truly mitigate all environmental waste and clean the equipment.
  • I plan on discussing the needs with each areas functional head (HR, Engineering, Operations, Sales, IT, Safety & Environmental, etc.) and flowcharting a process.
  • To simplify this discussion, we have defined five different phases of a turnaround process, discussing the particulars of each phase as well as typical challenges that tend to arise along the way.

Be sure to also make the Gantt chart available to the contractors. Having scaffolding set up prior to a shutdown can save time and money. The contractor gets the added benefit of guaranteed work. By making sure everyone is as close to the site as possible you will save time.

Unfortunately, as our economy has been hit devastatingly hard by this pandemic, some businesses are not going to rebound and are being faced with difficult decisions that have long term impacts to their employees. Some have been able to temporarily furlough employees and call them back as business rebounds. However, others may find themselves in a situation where they need to close the business altogether.

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This notice is in addition to any notice required by WARN. A site shutdown checklist is used in the construction industry to ensure safe practices are followed prior to facility closure. It helps secure facilities and equipment are properly stored and would not cause any issue even unattended. Facility managers of sites that hold hazardous materials should ensure that incidents such as spills are mitigated and actions are taken to correct any issues are recorded. Federal law requires proper facility closure of sites that handle or treat hazardous materials and wastes. If a customer intends to transfer its business to a competitor and you will no longer have the capability to serve the customer yourself, offer to work with the competitor. If you’re moving the business to another operation of yours, don’t assume it will be easy sailing.

manufacturing plant closure checklist

But even before the actual stoppage of operations and performing of maintenance work, a shutdown involves several phases of planning. The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture’s solutions.

Depending on your experience and the size of your operation, the planning process could take six months. You’ll want to commit to and flesh out a rough plan ahead of time, doing your best to avoid scope creep.

Communicate fully and often, be visible and personal, and honor company commitments. If there is a hot work that will be done during the shutdown period, carry out that job away from the plant. Take out the spool pipe or equipment and repair it at a safe place with lower fire risk. But, if it is impossible, take extra precautions prior to the hot work. Regular safety patrol is still necessary while the plant shutdown. When you will do a repair work during the plant shutdown, make sure you have isolated the related piping.

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What You Should Do Before a Plant Closure.

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A site closure is generally used by a company that operates multiple sites or places of business. The number of sites or the size of the geographic area in which the company operates is incidental to the process of closing a site. However, it may be more advantageous for a company to shut down a work site in an area where taxes and other related expenses are significantly higher than in other areas. If you’re planning to hire an experienced contractor, be sure to plan ahead.