A seller with a high rating and more than https://jiji.ug/12-car-dvd-players/honda one and a half thousand orders gave hope that something would work out here. This is such a red cable, I bought it a long time ago. If the charger was able to give out honest 1A (at 2A it started to warm up), then the complete cable managed to “pump” only 0.2A At the time of my order, there were no customer reviews yet, so I had to evaluate the quality of this product for myself. MicroUSB connectors were difficult to insert into the phone, and the maximum charging current was only 0.29A. For the test, 2 different microUSB cables from this manufacturer were ordered. One spring sunny day I decided to buy a couple of microUSB cables to charge phones and other gadgets.

MicroUSB cable for charging gadgets: the pain of choice.

But first things first.
Result – 0.6A Yes, the appearance and workmanship is beyond praise, the microUSB connector fits perfectly. It would seem much easier to buy a cable to charge your phone? But in fact, this seemingly simple task at first glance turned into an entertaining quest. I was wrong for the third time. It was this lot that was ordered first. The second order was a cheap charging cable kit.
Aliexpress is full of offers, including those at the price of “a dollar for a bucket of cables”. Next, the cable that came with a cheap Chinese dual-sim phone jiayu F1. The choice fell on Vention.
The result is about the same – 0.67A Thin (much thinner than the first vention cable), but the manufacturer on the description page describes in full what a good cable it is. The cable was very disappointing. And the quality was, to put it mildly, nothing. “And then the ostap suffered.” For the purity of the experiment, several more Chinese microUSB cables were found and tested. But in the test, the cable showed only 0.56A. The second copy was much better. Well, let’s see what he can do. And in vain.
This is already a worthy result – 1.04A The first representative is quite expensive for a regular microUSB cable (the price is constantly changing, for $4, at the time of writing the review it was $6.15). “Well, at such a price, the quality certainly won’t disappoint,” I thought, and … At this point, it was decided to stop experimenting with noname chargers and cables and look for something more decent.