Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review: 2-in-1 out of competition

It’s been three weeks since I got my hands on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. I thought for a long time what to write in this review. Because it was not easy for me to tell you the content of first impressions.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Overview

After a week with the Surface Pro 6, I was fascinated by it. But, as is often the case with new equipment, the first few days are great, and the next few days aren’t. Not this time, Microsoft’s 2-in-1 tablet laptop has proven every day that it’s unusual and worth buying.

So instead of writing a classic review, I’ll briefly summarize what won me over in the new Microsoft computer, and what else can be improved.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 reviews

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 screen is the largest

The Surface Pro 6’s 12.3-inch 2736×1824 3:2 display is – at least in my opinion – ideal for a mobile computing experience. This is smaller than classic 13.3-inch laptops, so it’s perfect for small photo bags, for example. At the same time, the screen is not so small that it would be inconvenient for you to work on it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 test

Also, the 3:2 ratio really makes a huge difference, revealing more content to us and making even such a small display more useful than it might at first appear. I know a lot of people are bothered by the slightly thick bezels around the display, but I personally can’t fault the device for that.

Thanks to the thicker bezels, it is possible to use the computer in tablet mode, and they do not interfere in everyday life. In addition, the screen has such a high contrast ratio that the system bars almost match the black border surrounding the display. It looks really good, nothing stands out.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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I was also pleased to note that the problem of "light leakage" at the edges has been greatly improved compared to previous generations. This is still happening (LCD specific to thin computers), but so insignificant that it will not be noticeable in everyday activities.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 after three weeks of use