— HDMI cable for connecting the helmet to a computer, TV, etc. which has a corresponding HDMI output. Features: Comparison with a more high-quality "clover". — Video cable — allows you to send an analog video signal to the helmet. — manual.
The wind is on the street, in this case, the video system was installed on the car’s radio.
– input voltage: 7-13V
Assembled video transmission 5.8Ghz. – battery 7.4V 2200mAh Li-ion; Through holes for cooling the video receiver. —the other two buttons are used to navigate through the menu. — ENTER when you press the button, the menu for setting the display, OSD, headphone volume, PAL / NTSC standard selection pops up. — video helmet;
On the right side there is a panel with buttons and slots. There is no desire to open the sealed foam body, on the Internet I found a couple of photos of the insides of the helmet. – charger 8.4V 1600mA.; is 9mm.
The thickness of the overlays
We glue the foam pad and forward to the street)))
Flat antenna – – I can not judge its quality, since I have not dealt with them yet. — operating range of radio reception: 5.8GHz 40CH (Raceband); Diversity compares the quality of the received signal from 2 receivers and switches the picture to the receiver where the signal is better. – weight: 273g (without battery) — circular polarization antenna "Clover" — analog video signal connection cable; https://jiji.com.gh/accessories-and-supplies-for-electronics/television-antenna – product name: "Goggles TWO"; I recommend sticking one of the two pads on the front side of the helmet. — directional patch antenna — SCAN auto search for a video signal; But do not forget that for a beautiful picture you need a good camera. – brand: Eachine; Of course, the picture is beautiful, besides, we can also adjust the brightness in the “Color” menu. The helmet has a built-in 5-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080. – HDMI input and Input – resolution: 1920×1080; — soft pads on the front of the helmet; — AV/HDMI selection of the input signal to the helmet; – HDMI cable – USB;
Let’s move on to inspection
helmet. Hello, this time let’s take a look at the second version of the "Eachine Goggles Two" video helmet.
In the package we get two antennas:
Antennas with plug "RP-SMA male" to which the counterpart will be in most video transmitters and helmets.
– Antenna connector: RP-SMA male – display size: 5 inches The body is made of black foam.
We connect the PC and the helmet with an HDMI cable, after that we select (with the second button) the type of the incoming signal. – display field of view in helmet: 78 degrees
In the kit we get foam pads on a sticky basis.
Lithion battery 7.4V 2200mA. assembled from two elements 18650
– dimensions: 25x20x19 (cm) — patch antenna;
Of course, the picture on the helmet display pleases, so you can watch a movie lying on the couch, but after 20-30 minutes of watching, I got discomfort associated with eye fatigue, so I won’t be able to enjoy the movie for a long time. On the top of the case we see sockets for two antennas, which means that there are two video receivers – the Diversity controller.
We fix the battery on the plate of the three-point belt using the adhesive tape that comes with the kit. – Audio: audio output for connecting headphones

Eachine Goggles Two – budget helmet with Diversity and HD resolution

True, the Eachine VR-008 helmet also had two antennas, but they were connected in parallel to one receiver.
Complete set:
Of course, in the configuration "clover" from cheap, but it is))) – Operating temperature: -20 ℃ to 80 ℃ — 6mm. — napkins for cleaning lenses; – antenna "clover";
The goggle video box looks very colorful and informative. Diversity controllers are designed to work simultaneously with two (or more) video reception systems (receiver antenna) to provide the best video link with the FPV model.