Chinese wireless headphones Wavefun-X-Buds-Metal, the sound is not inferior to famous brands

Hello everyone, today I am sharing my impressions of testing Wavefun-X-Buds-Metal headphones. It’s nice when you start getting bonuses for your own experiences. In my personal account, aliexpress found a coupon for the products of the Chinese wavefun brand, namely a $20 discount on a specific model – x-buds metal. Pleasantly impressed by the previous purchase of an unknown brand, of course, without hesitation, in order to try a slightly more expensive model, I paid extra 10th, and this is what I got in the end.

Packaging and equipment
I received the parcel in a small standard postal envelope. The box is small in size, a paper case with a photo and a technical description of the headphones was put on a thick black cardboard box with the inscription of the company. As for me, the packaging has quite a gift look. Inside the box, on a cardboard backing, there were stylish metal headphones. And below are located additionally:
– a hard case with a lock;
— 5 pairs of additional nozzles;
– short USB-micro usb charging cable;
— instructions in English;
– and another, immodest questionnaire "If you are not satisfied with the purchase, we will refund the money." True, there is not a word about money, but there are feedback contacts.
First impressions
Outwardly, definitely, interesting. They are suitable for a business suit or office style in clothes. Minimalism and classics – black and silver, very dry, office-like, but at the same time quite stylish. My daughter also found them attractive, but the sporty look of the previous headphones is closer to her.
Why did the seller offer me to try them: just a novelty or an improved version of the previous ones? There was a great desire to quickly put them into operation.
I was surprised, in a good way, by previous headphones from this manufacturer, so my ears tuned in to the perfect sound. But the first sensations turned out to be unjustified, I heard a lot of ticking sounds … I felt like a smile of pleasure from a pleasant appearance
changed to frustration. Still, without losing hope, I mechanically pushed the headphones deeper – and here it is the long-awaited feeling – then echoes appeared in my chest, and goosebumps ran … the sound is excellent. Well, don’t laugh, I’m describing what I felt, because I don’t know professional terminology. I was not too lazy, I changed the nozzles to the minimum ones and those with a little red pimpochka, the tracks sounded with a juicy clear sound. Soft bass, not whistling high, without noise and choking. Great, I like it. My husband is with me again, surprisingly, in solidarity with me. By the way, in these headphones, unlike the previous ones, I mastered the maximum volume.

I liked the design, a stylish classic strict look. On the whole, well done.
The front side of each earphone is made of metal, on which the company logo is applied. The metal, I suppose, is painted: gray matte. The aesthetic function is carried by round inserts on the outside. They are chrome plated. I really wanted to squeeze these circles, but the “believe” button was not found in them.

Headphones have a great advantage: they are magnetized with each other. They are securely connected by the ends, and the risk of losing them on yourself in the off state is reduced to zero.

On a plastic insert on the inside of the designation L / R (I consider them superfluous). The arms are connected to the earpiece with a chrome-plated metal fastener. The arms are made of rubber. Moreover, unlike the previous version, this material does not attract dust and villi. Included is a set of 6 pairs of interchangeable pads, the headphones were medium, for my ears they are large. The pads have a different appearance and size: 3 pairs of black silicone pads (I won’t say that it is very soft, but they are not noticeable in the ear) and 3 pairs of bright ones with red inserts (outwardly, the more interesting material is more pliable, soft and thin) .
Headphones are interconnected by a black silicone wire, 61 cm long. The wire has a length adjustment latch and a capsule with 3 functional keys: power button, "" and "-". Also on the front panel there is a hole for the indicator of the operating modes of the device. And also on the capsule there is a charging connector with a micro-usb input. Capsule made of black matte plastic. On the back of the capsule is a microphone hole.

I will single out a separate paragraph for the description of the case. Its presence in the kit at the moment is relevant for me: the youngest child continues to replenish his collection of stolen overlays, called "who did not hide (sya), he is to blame." So, a case with rigid shaped walls, very roomy, with a zipper. The case is rubberized, easy to clean with a soft cloth: traces of greasy :)) thin fingers of the baby are easily removed. The inside is trimmed with synthetic fabric, on one of the walls of the case there is a compartment-pocket. And, importantly, the headphone case is comfortable in the hand and cute.
The weight of the metal headphones is only 24.5 g.

In work
In accordance with the description of the technical characteristics, the headphones, frankly, are worth their price: battery size (2 pcs) – 120mAh (8-360 hours ), bluetooth 4.1, ipx4 (protection against continuous splashing), ipt-x support, works like a bluetooth headset, distance from the sound source is 10 meters, weightless (for metal headphones) only 24g, multipoint support, charge indicator for ios. Now let’s check something from this list.
To begin with, I’m notable for earphones with temples in that when putting them on, you don’t have to look closely and look for the cherished inscriptions "left/right".
So, the launch is made by long pressing the central key "o" on the control panel, we are greeted by the voice of their headphones, and next to it the indicator lights up blue. We effortlessly pair with the smartphone, as soon as the device is found, the voice
we are informed about this, and the indicator starts flashing blue and red alternately.
The sound is adjusted with the \- keys. When the volume limits are reached, a beep sounds. If the minimum volume is reached, the sound is completely muted, but the song continues to play. The volume can be controlled from the paired device.
Switching tracks is done by long pressing the keys \- (forward\backward). Pause is the power button.
Close to the earphone capsule on a dangling cord is not the most comfortable position, in my opinion, for the control panel. Over time, of course, it will not be difficult to cope, but it is much more convenient for me when the function keys are located on the earpiece itself.
On a smartphone with Android 7.0, the battery indicator icon appears on the panel, on Android 5.1 this is not possible.
Headphones do an excellent job with the Bluetooth headset function: when there is an incoming call, the beep goes to the earpiece, but at the same time the smartphone is torn by a melody. When answering an incoming call, ending a conversation or canceling an incoming call, the “o” key works. The sound is good and clear in the speakers of both interlocutors.
Communication is lost with a paired device at a distance of 8 meters through 3 interior floors.
Multipoint in this device is available and working. Checked, when you connect several bluetooth devices to the headphones, everyone will know about the incoming call. But I had the opportunity, thanks to this opportunity, to learn more: the older child was accidentally awakened when
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