Bendgate 2.0: Apple is aware of the extreme flexibility of the 2018 iPad Pro and sees it as the norm.

Apple is mired in yet another foldable case scandal. Apparently, the construction of the new iPad Pro 2018 release is not strong enough, because even out of the box, the tablets come to their owners in a slightly curved state. However, contrary to all logic, in the "apple" company, according to The Verge, they consider this the norm, not a defect.

So, apparently, now we can officially talk about the so-called. "bendgate" version 2.0 from Apple. We previously wrote about the excessive flexibility of the new iPad Pro 2018, but now there is information that even new tablets come to their owners with a deformed case. In a statement quoted by The Verge, the company is responding to MacRumors heated discussion users in its best style: Apple considers the curved body of new devices to be "the norm."

The potential presence of such a problem was predicted by video blogger JerryRigEverything in his video (presented below), where he clearly demonstrated how easily the new iPad Pro can be bent if desired. This is very reminiscent of the original iPhone 6 Plus problem (which is called bendgate), when many users of this model found that their iPhone was bent after being carried in the back pocket of their pants. Then Apple staged a real show, inviting the film crew to a tour of the production location, where strength testing is carried out – it suddenly turned out that the iPhone 6 Plus is much stronger in bending than the iPhone 5s.

The design flaws in the iPhone 6 Plus case gave rise to another problem, then called “touch disease” (the touch screen controller stopped working due to a bend in the case) and which led to numerous warranty denials. As we know, the body of the iPhone 6 was made of 6000-series aluminum alloy, and Apple replaced it with the much more durable 7000-series, which was used in the iPhone 7 series

The so-called Bendgate 2.0 seems to affect the 2018 iPad Pro models with LTE, which have plastic inserts in the side faces that reduce the strength of the structure. The owners of the mentioned devices claim that even just carrying in a backpack the tablet bends, while some users – including the author of the article on The Verge – claim that the gadget was slightly bent out of the box. For a tablet costing from $799 to $1899, this is, to put it mildly, absolutely unacceptable. However, at the moment, Apple has clearly voiced its position on this issue.

For a company that is the absolute leader in the quality and materials of its devices, "bendgate 2.0" is a very serious blow to its reputation. For now, we can say for sure that this story will continue, so iPad owners should be patient, and you and I – popcorn, and wait